Damn You Icecream Truck Guy

So tonight was the big night.  I had a huge child size surprise for my daughter.  A real surprise, something she has yet to experience.  Something most all kids get to do who live in neighborhoods.

I took my daughter on a dinner date to her favorite place…McD’s.  Every child’s dream date right?  We order two perfectly cooked burgers.  She gets apple dippers I got some fries.  This go around, I didn’t order that dreaded kids meal with the toy that says “karate chop” or shoots some sorta flying disc out its butt.  I just ordered a meal.  Well, that was a disaster.  The poor kid is in a panic.

“Where the hell is my toy daddy”

“What…they didn’t give you a toy?”

At that very moment she runs to the toy kiosk.  In one quick scoop I grab the trash filled tray, dump it and grab her before any sorta scene breaks loose.  That’s when I had to bust the surprise bag wide open.  With tears running down her face, I explain that we are going home to wait on the Ice Cream Truck.  No tears, no toy, no problems.  So I thought.

We sit on our front lawn with money in hand.  Hers that she has earned.  We wait and we wait and we wait and…we begin to cry. Both of us.  Well, more her really.  But anyways, of all nights to not show up.  Maybe they don’t run on Wednesday, maybe he ran out of gas or maybe he is on vacation.  Maybe, just maybe he will show up the second I put her down for the night.  You see, my daughter has never experienced the Ice Cream Truck in our hood before.  My odds are against me.  I fear bedtime tonight!

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3 Responses to Damn You Icecream Truck Guy

  1. Damn You, Ice Cream Truck guy! You made a little girl cry, shattering her dinner date dreams! Damn you! Maybe tomorrow night!

  2. When dude finally does show up, I vote that you kick the crap out of him, steal his truck, and take your daughter on vacation on the proceeds from all those ice creams!

  3. The ice cream man and I have an “understanding.” He doesn’t come down my block…I don’t cut him within an inch of his life.

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