Running the Trails

I wanted to document one of my runs with some nice photos of the park.  I had big plans to do this, but got rudely interrupted by a fast approaching thunderstorm.

Fire Roads

Fire Road entrance

I start my runs at the same place.  A small road side parking lot big enough to hold about 20 cars.  During the week there is plenty of parking.  The weekends, not so much.  The lot is divided, one side is fire roads, the other is single track.  I figured I would start the run with a nice easy pace on the fire roads.

Creek Bottom

Creek Bottom

The fire road bottoms out to a nice creek and then a hard uphill climb towards the single tracks.  I usually see deer at this bridge.  Not today.  I hit the climb easy heading towards the tracks.

Trail Head

Trail Head to the single tracks

I make it to the single track in about 6 minutes or so.  The trail of choice on this run is the green trail.  It is shorter, yet a bit more technical.  More hills and switchbacks.  Onward I go on my easy meandering jog through the forest.

Descent 1

First downhill of the run.

I get to my first downhill section of the run.  As I take this photo I notice that it’s getting rather dark rather fast.  Its way to early for darkness to be falling.  I’ve now realized I may be getting rained on soon.  Oh well.  Downhill!

Descend 2

Second downhill

I pause for a moment to take the photo and BOOM!  The loudest thunder I’ve heard at the park in a long time.  Crap, Crap, Crap!  I’m nervous now, but one more pic, the uphill!

Creek Bottom Uphill

Quick uphill after a bridge crossing

There, a quick photo. A messy one at that.  Gotta go.  The thunder is loud.  I had a quick panic attack on what to do.  Find a short cut or continue another 1.5 miles to the car.  I stay course and kick it into high gear.  I zig zag my way thru the trails, jumping logs, hurdling boulders.  I’m movin!  All I can think about is getting home safe.  Then I remember my Chocolate Lab who is petrified of storms.  He can tear the house apart!!!!  Now I’m really movin!  My GPS watch beeps at mile 3.  I ran my last mile in 6:50.  That my friends is hard to do on that particular trail.  I smile and cruise along.

Well, I get back to the car safe and dry.  I jump in and haul ass home.  Lucky for me only 2 miles away.  I run inside anticipating a dreadful scene.  Ah, but the one and only Guinness “the Genius” Chocolate Lab was sound asleep.  I guess he is hard of hearing in his old age.  Nothing, no damage what so ever.

Well, he was asleep.

Well, it never rained and Guinness never panicked.  I could have kept trucking along.  But, you never know and it is always better to be smart and play it safe.  Especially when you’re in the middle of the woods and you’ve failed to tell anyone where you are!  Glad to be home.  Until next time!

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2 Responses to Running the Trails

  1. Nice….love the pics and that was a damn fast mile my man. It’s amazing what a death-threatening thunderstorm will do to your speed.

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