Red Handed in Candy Land

We all played it as children.  It was probably the first real game you played making you feel all adult like.  Its simple.  Just do what the card tells you.  1 Yellow, move on Yellow space.  2 Purple, move 2 Purple spaces.  Get a Candy Cane, move to the Candy Cane space.  Easy enough right?

Not when you play a 3 year old.  You see, my daughter and wife have been out of town for the weekend.  I figured I would go buy the wee one a game so when she got home she and pops could play a round or two.  Maybe teach her a lesson on losing with grace.  We open the box and lay out the cards.  She goes first.  Ladies first!  Well, right off the bat she jumps to an early lead.  I’m unable to catch up.  She wins before I can say Shoots and Ladders!  Game 2, its ON!  Again she jumps to an early lead.  That’s when I noticed something a bit fishy about her game play.  She is moving an extra space.  Why I didn’t catch this earlier is beyond me.  Shes cheating!  I wait and watch.  She does it again and again.  Enough is enough.

Hey honey, you sure you go to that purple square

Yes daddy.  See I was here, now I go here!

Try that again sweetheart.

See, I was here and now I’m here, 1 purple square.

She smiles and realized she got busted.  It was the damn cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.  A 3 year old out foxing me at 33.  Classic!  I did explain that cheating is bad and you should always play by the rules.  She gets it.  It was all fun and games and we both laughed.  She went on to win that game, but I kicked her ass in game 3!

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