Happy and Leo

Every evening since I’ve been home from a short vacation with some friends I have been making paper bag puppets with my daughter.  I told her after we made them we would do a puppet show on Thursday.  She named her puppets.  The Bird is Happy and the Elephant is Leo.  Happy is an energetic little bird.  He likes to take control of the situation.  Leo is a laid back kinda guy.  He speaks when need be.  They work well together and should have a long lasting career together in show biz.  It’s a bit short of 7 minutes, but quite entertaining.  I hope you enjoy.  It was a one take improvisation.

I can’t upload videos directly to the blog without having to pay a fee, so just click on the link below.

Happy and Leo- Interview Part I

Happy and Leo

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One Response to Happy and Leo

  1. why the hell didn’t you do a puppet show for me and the beeve when we were on vacation? instead all I got was bedtime stories and snuggles….

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