I Don’t Know How She Does It?

Harpers Bed

My wife has this ability to see something otherwise worthless and turn it into gold.  She can find things for a few bucks (sometimes free) and flip them for $$$.$$.  With a little work, love and elbow grease, she turns scraps into cash.

I typically see things as worthless pieces of crap and that sometimes doesn’t go over to well.  I will quickly change my mind as soon as she paints, stains or re-covers something.  For such a small investment in sand paper, spray paint (shit tons of that) brushes, rollers and poly, it’s all worth it in the end.  I’ve learned a lot of new terms lately.  Silver Leafing?  Modge Podge?  Yeah, it’s for real, you can modge podge something.

Not only can she flip something for cash, but can be thrifty when we need something.  For instance…We needed two night stands for our bedroom.  Craigslisted and found two.  She silver leafed them. (Before Silver Leafing) Sold our headboard, she made a new one.  Kinda cool looking.  We needed a dresser for our daughter.  She found an old beat up one a painted it a cool kid green and refinished the handles.  It rocks.  A  nightstand for the kid?  Buy, sand, paint and poly…awesome!  We bought a mid-century dresser for our bedroom.  I sanded and stained it to her liking.  It’s a kick ass piece.  Why buy a new lampshade, she made some.   Shes a handy little lady.  On top of that she makes foods.  Homemade cereal, yogurt, bread, kombucha tea, ice cream…just to name a few.  Hell, she even made diapers when our daughter was little.  They saved us tons of cash.  The list goes on…

Where she finds the time to do all this I haven’t a clue.  She manages it all somehow.  Did I mention other than being married to me, she is also a mother and a nursing school student.  So when she’s not mad at me, she is teaching and loving on our daughter.  When not doing all that, she is locked up in her study room busting her brains on some medication formula or studying bones and organs.  She is an amazingly talented person.  How did I get so lucky?

We cross paths on occasion with the busy lifestyle that we live.  We are strong and have a great understanding and marriage.

Enough of that…if you have seen my wife, let her know I am home and dinner is ready.  Thanks, that would be nice.  Shes probably at Lowes or some thrift store brewing up ideas in her busy little mind.  Seriously though, she is more than likely studying her ass off!

End Note:  Some photos are not of my liking and I will update soon enough

End Note 2:  I’m kidding about my wife being mad at me.  She loves me…right honey?

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One Response to I Don’t Know How She Does It?

  1. Dude…your wife’s a freakin’ rock star. You’re a lucky dude…. You have to give yourself credit too for not being a douchebag, but instead being a good dude and father. Now go brew me more of that kick-ass beer of yours!

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