Our First Bike Ride

H on her big girl bike

My wife had to leave early for nursing school.  I had to keep H company for several hours.  I got out of work early due to the extreme heat wave hitting the east coast.  H decides today she is not napping.  So from about 2-7 pm I gotta keep H occupied.

First we play pretend kitchen cooking.  She makes this yummy hot dog oatmeal.  Its made of pure organic puzzle pieces and nitrate free plastic hot dogs.  Heat them in the wooden microwave for 2 seconds and voila!  Yummy Hot Dog Oatmeal.  Next we whip out the paint brushes and painting books.  I clean up in the kitchen some and she paints nearly every page, just a little bit.  Drives me nuts.  Little dab of paint and turns the page.  Time to move on. We do a paper puppet show.  Happy and Leo with a guest frog.  I’m now starting to run out of ideas.

Then it hits me.  Lets go ride bikes.  At first, I was just going to get her bike and helmet.  Then I figured, she has enough skill, I’ll grab my bike.  I grab the camera to take some footage.  I had no idea how much fun we were about to have.  We race around and around the cul-de-sac for nearly 20 minutes.  We practice turning and stopping.  We laugh and giggle.  I take photos and send them to my wife so she can enjoy the moment as well.  I take video for documentation and a few stills to share with friends.

As we are riding it dawns on me that this is the very first bike ride together.  It can never be reduplicated or copied…EVER!  The moment is there to take in and enjoy.  My chest out, my chin is up and I am the proudest father in the ‘hood.  I’m not going to stop until she decides so.  She watches and copies me riding no handle bars.  She stands up and pedals to pick up quick speed.  She is a pro on the bike already.  We continue on and on.  Then she hits me with the damnedest question.

“Daddy, why don’t you have on you helmet?”

Its moments like this where a lie is the better option.  I could tell her I don’t need it, I’m a big boy.  Or I could say that I am riding too slowly to need it.  But no, I spit out the truth.

“Well honey, I made a mistake and didn’t put it on.  I will wear it next time.”

“OK Daddy.  I’m firsty, can we go inside now?”

Check out a quick video here.   Our 1st Ride

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2 Responses to Our First Bike Ride

  1. That’s awesome my man. There’s nothing better than pounding out some miles with the kids on the bike. Some of the best moments I’ve had with the nippers has been out riding with them on the bike.

  2. Lynn Reese says:

    Whenever you’re ready to compile these musings into a book, could I be your editor? Such sweet slices of life! I got a hint of what an awesome daddy you were when we visited, but I now see so much more clearly. Thanks for sharing.

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