What Color Blueberries Should I Pick?

Beautiful Pint of Blueberries

Monday marked the beginning of our 2010 blueberry season.   It is the busiest time of the year for us on the farm.  We have thousands of people visit the farm to get fresh blueberries.  Sometimes we get the strangest comments, questions and suggestions.

Let me set the scene for you.  We have a Pick Your Own blueberry operation. We are the Swift Creek Berry Farm. The general public comes out to our 8 acres of blueberries to pick.  We give them a bucket, they pick, we weigh and they pay.  We have 2 fields that are split by a main driveway.  Both fields are planted with the same variety of blueberries.  Nothing different at all between the left and right side of the driveway.  Both fields are open to the public.  We open 1 field each day, rotating between the two.

1-  “Can I pick on the other side of the driveway? They are much sweeter over there than this side.”

“Sorry, that field is closed today”

“OK, I’ll come back tomorrow”

2-  “The berries are not as sweet as they were last year.”

“I don’t know why, same plants each year, 15 years old”

3- “Excuse me, you need to pay for those over there.”

“Oh, I thought the sign said “FREE BLUEBERRIES”???”

“Not that I know of.  We have one the says “FRESH BLUEBERRIES”

Scene 2

We have a parking lot that is painted with white stripes just like any ole parking lot.  Nothing special, just in a grassy field.  We have a parking lot attendant that helps direct traffic.

“Can I park in the shade way back there?”

“I guess, but its gonna be full sun in about 15 minutes.  Could I get you to park…

“Yeah, I just want to be in the shade.”

“OK, but it’s going to be…”

Off they go and park in the shade.  When they return to the car in an hour it is in full sun and the spot I had for them is now in the shade.  Oh well, what does an ole long hair farm boy know anyways.

Year after year we get crazy stories of how people plan their summers around our season.  Some people have to have our berries before going to Hatteras for the week.  One lady even claimed eating our berries helped her with her eyesight.  I don’t doubt it the least.  They are so good for you.  Some out of country families visit relatives in the states just so they can get our fruit.  It’s that good.  One group of people make it an annual trip to travel from Maryland to spend the day on the farm picking nearly 50 pounds of blueberries.  I learned just today that it was someones first year missing opening day in 15 years.  That’s dedication.  We get all walks of life.

Today, we got a good one.  Someone asked us…

“What color blueberry should I pick?”

I love my job and the people I get to meet.  We get all walks of life.  I wouldn’t give back any moments or conversations I have had for anything.  I remember them year after year, moment for moment.  They make me smile no matter what!  I just LOVE IT!

Bucket of Pick Your Own Blueberries

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One Response to What Color Blueberries Should I Pick?

  1. Lotta says:

    You should have told her to look for the “red” ones or some other color that doesn’t exist. Tell her they are rare and hard to find but the most coveted and tasty….

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