Who Threw Those Blueberries?

I was returning back to work after my lunch break and notice my brother at the end of one of our blueberry fields.  He ask me to pull over to give him a lift back up the 1/4 mile long drive.  Curious to why he was down there,  I ask.

Well, someone has thrown blueberries at my moms car as she left to head out to run errands. She called my brother to go investigate.  He’s a big feller and would scare the livin blueberry pooh out of the kids.  My mom is also my boss and the owner of the farm.  Damn, who done gone and messed with my mamma?  So Jonathan and I set out to find our culprits.  My eyes are peeled for two or more young hoodlum boys giggling amongst the bushes.  We find nothing.  We creep along the driveway quietly.  Then all of a sudden.  Plop, pop, pop, pop, pop, plop!!!!!  We are getting drilled by hard, green berries.

Moments before we get drilled I am thinking to myself.

“I’ll catch these dudes no problem.  I know these fields like the back of my hand”

In a milli second I throw the car into park jump out and yell…HEY!!!!!!!  and bolt into the blueberry jungle.  Instantly, I see feet scrambling.  My trail running instincts kick.  I jump the raised beds and dodge the branches.  I’m off to the races.  One pair of legs goes one way the other darts deeper into the patch.  They split in seperate directions like some wise veterans.  Within seconds I lose my guilty party.  How?  How the hell did those little pricks get away.  I walk back to the car quietly listening for anything.  Giggling, laughter, heavy breathing.  Nothing. 

As I get closer to my car a young girl about 12 approaches me and the following conversation occurs.

Girl 1-“Sorry Sir”

Me-For what?

Girl 1-“For throwing those berries”

Me- Oh, um ok.

Girl 2- “Me too”

I explain in great detail how childish their actions were and how it could have ruined someones day.  I told them how its a privilege to be allowed to pick fresh fruit on someones farm and their throwing of the berries is 100% unacceptable.  

There was much more to the conversation but I can’t truly remember it.  They were very embarrassed at their actions.  The family packed their belongings and headed to the check out line.  The two girls hid in the car as their parents paid. 

The sad part of the story is that I should have had a long talk with the parents.  They were by their children’s side the whole time.  They knew they were throwing berries.  I later found out that the parents laughed about it and found it to be humorous.  So, no lessons learned by the young girls.

Me, I learned a good lesson today.  12 year old girls act like 6 year old boys.  Just wait till those girls grow up and go out on their first dates.  Good luck to the parents of those kids! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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5 Responses to Who Threw Those Blueberries?

  1. So basically what I learned from this was that a 12-year-old girl can kick your ass in a blueberry farm hide-and-seek 5k any day of the week. Even if it’s in your own backyard. Come on man….step it up bish!!

  2. Steve says:

    Kids that age run like the wind when they’re scared. Believe me I know. It’s like space and time seem to bend around them because of their fear! Next time I recommend tazing them.

  3. Mike in VA says:

    shoulda charged them double..

  4. Chris says:

    I once did something similar, but with walnuts and a slingshot, the one that had that support thingy that went around your arm. We were shooting at cars coming around a blind curve, all fun in games til one of those cars was a cop.
    Anyway, destruction of property is never cool, but for some reason at that age its hilarious. They will grow up, maybe.

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