Little Family Update

Well, the past several months have flown by like a humming bird making whoopy!  Its been a quick one to say the least.  It seemed just yesterday that we opened up for blueberry picking, H finished school and Sarah started a new semester.  I figured I was due for a quick family update.

I will start with my wife.


Damn, she is upstairs studying her butt off as usual.  Straight A’s this semester for the house nerd!  So proud of her it’s not even funny.  It’s amazing that someone who has been out of college for so long can jump right back in and own it!  Always the same old story.  She claims she’s gonna bomb the test.  Always, and I truly mean always, she gets and A.  She sells her self short every time.  Mind games make her a good student I guess.

H hasn’t been up to much lately.  Its been too hot for bike rides and outdoor activities.  I usually catch her playing with her “My Little Pony” stuff.  However, her newest craze is Playdoh.    She can make a mean Playdoh cupcake.  Her black Playdoh sandwich is to die for.  Really, you eat that thing and adios amigos!  She is still a pain in the rear to put to bed.  She comes up with some ingenious reason to not have to go to bed.  Typical kid.

Riley the Shih Tzu is the same as he was yesterday, for a reason.  He is obsessive compulsive.  He has to be the same or he gets all out of sorts.  Never a different moment for that one.  Still love him though!  I really should film the day in the life of Riley.  Trust me, it wouldn’t be boring.

Guinness, well, he’s been a bit of an issue as of late.  He has this huge obsession with food lately.  So, recently he got into the trash can and ate chicken bones, a bag of old blueberries and who knows what else.  He ended up having to spend the night at the dog hospital.  It took him nearly a week to recover.  He got all dehydrated and quit drinking and eating.  He’s good now, but we went thru a bit of a scare.  In the end we still have a dog obsessing over food and one empty wallet.

Zoe the cat is probably upstairs still trying to figure out how to cover up her poo in the litter box.  Shes umpteen years old and still can’t cover the stench!  If she’s not doing that she’s eating plants, batting Riley up side the head or kneading the shag carpet.  Shes weird!

Life is good and super busy.  I have no reason to complain.  Busy is the norm around here lately and this is a good thing.  Get up, go to work, get home, kiss the wife good-bye, fix dinner for me and the kid, play, bath time, bedtime and…laundry, dishes, beer, beer, dishes, greet wife, shower, find wife in study room, kiss wife goodnight, rinse and repeat!  I love life and wouldnt have it any other way.

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2 Responses to Little Family Update

  1. Sounds like blissful living my man. I need to get my ass down there soon so I can make it into the next update….

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