Date Night

Just recently my wife and I were able to enjoy a much needed date night.  She and I had to work at the farm on Saturday morning and needed a place for H to stay for the day.  Turns out the Sarah’s parents wanted H to spend Friday night as well.  Well, let me think about it for a…SURE!

Well, our night started off with microwaving leftovers for dinner.  We scarfed down dinner and headed out to Target, Kohls and Old Navy.  Boy, this date night isnt turning out like expected.  I need a beer.  After failing tremendously at searching for a new pair of work shorts, we headed out in search of an outdoor drinking venue.

There is a place near by that over looks a lake.  We attempt to make it in time for a romantic sunset and a few cold beers.  When we arrive, the place is packed.  There is no room at all.  So we head out like a pair of wily veteran bar hoppers and move on.  We end up in a parking lot calling our younger siblings in search of advice on where to go.  We suck at drinking!  This night is going nowhere.

We decide to head over to a local Italian joint in hopes of catching a table outside.  No outside seating.  Then it hits me.  Lets grab a six pack and head out to the farm and sit on the dock at the pond!  Brilliant.  We head into our local grocer and pick up one of those ingenious “Make Your Own Six Pack”

We head out to the farm, grab a cooler from my parents and 2 citronella candles.  We make it to the pond just missing the sunset.  Oh well.  Sarah lights the candles and I open the beers.  We chill, in the country, by a pond, with nobody around except mother nature.  We see deer, turtles, bats, ducks and hear some creature in the woods I have never heard in my life.  I am guessing it was some kinda owl.  I would rather have all those sights and sound than a waiter/waitress, menus, over priced Guinness and bill that my wallet can’t handle.  Welcome to Mother Natures Pub!  We’ll be back soon.

We enjoyed a much needed date night.  Sometimes getting back to your roots and doing something out of the ordinary is quite rewarding.  Its one of those nights that will always be remembered.  It was fun, entertaining and spontaneous.  For the first time in a long while, I felt like a kid again.  It was just perfect!  Oh and my wife drove us home!!!!

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2 Responses to Date Night

  1. Chris says:

    Awesome, we all need more of this. Simple date nights. One suggestion for you blog, give us some pics, would love to see more when you are telling the story (not that your stories need it) I just enjoy checking out the scene. Living in the city I want to see as much of the country as I can.

  2. reminds me of the first date I had with the wife back in high school. we were on a pier, on a pond, just chilling, talking, and enjoying the time. Little did I know she’d go on to marry me, spit two kids out and threaten my life if I ever tried to leave her alone with the children. Ahhhh marriage.

    Kick-ass date-night dude. Well done!

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