A Childs Imagination

Hes the Pirate

Hes a mean ole Pirate

There comes a time in every childs life when the imagination rules that tiny little brain.  My daughter has reached that stage in life right now.  She makes me laugh and smile with some of her off the wall ideas.  Only a childs brain could create such thoughts.

Well lets meet the cast of “Silver Mist and the lost Treasure”

From Left to Right

The Cast

The Cast

“Giraffe the Pirate”- He has no real name.  Hes mysterious.  He is one dumb pirate.

Silver Mist- She is a flying fairy thingy.  Her main goal is to get the treasure chest full of Pixie Dust back from Giraffe the Pirate.

Misty Silver- Looks are deceiving, she flies like a bullet!  She is Silver Mists “Robin”.  No need for wings, somehow she flies without them.

It was a rainy afternoon at the homestead.  The dog was fast asleep, twitching away during some random dream while I try and catch up with some Sports Center.  Out of nowhere, in comes a flying fairy, looking for her lost treasure of Pixie Dust.  Supposedly, Giraffe the Pirate has stolen it.

Its true!  I, Giraffe the Pirate, have stolen that very treasure and must keep it from the fairies.  If they get the treasure chest I am sure to meet my doom.  After a short battle of darting, dodging, flying and diving, they corner me.  Soon they begin to fly and circle around me like a couple fighter planes hunting King Kong!  They capture me.  Im trapped.  No really, I am stuck in some sorta Pirate Jail made for giraffes. With no real way out, the only thing left to do is surrender.  Misty Silver guards the makeshift giraffe jail while Silver Mist snatches the treasure chest of Pixie Dust.

Its times like these when I enjoy being a father.  But, when its times like these all day long I would rather be…


I wouldn’t trade her imagination and games for anything.  Its amazing that a childs imagination will bring the inner child back out in ourselves.  Im a grown man, sometimes with a beard that wears Carhartts when farming.  I have long hair, drink beer, run and drive a tractor.  But sometimes, I am an evil Pirate steeling treasures of Pixie Dust from Fairies.

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One Response to A Childs Imagination

  1. Dude..not only is her imagination kick-ass….but your dedication to spending time with her, playing with her through it, and promoting it to the rest of us dead-beat parents is awesome. You’re a damn good dude and so glad to call you a best friend.

    Keep up the awesome!!!

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