Ole Man Guinness

Our beloved chocolate lab has reached that golden age for dogs.  He is 10 years old and slowly getting closer and closer to that big dog house in the sky.  Well, more like a big bed from Costco in the sky.  He is aging rapidly.  I figured it was time to show the world who Guinness “The Genius” Goode is.

Some time in February we took Guinness to the vet to have a suspicious growth tested.  It was a small lump on his right eyelid.  It was removed and sent off to be examined.  With in 24 hours that same lump was back.  Not good.  The results came back and he has what they call mast cell cancer.  His is at a stage 3.  Put it this way, there is no other stage.  This is it.  He has cancer and we were told 2 months.  Best case scenario a year.  Well its been over 7 months now and he’s still going strong.  However, he has developed some strange habits as of late due to the K9 medication he is on.

1- He farts nearly every step he takes when he goes up the stairs at night.  I make sure I am well ahead of him before we head up, or its a guaranteed crop dusting.

2-He eats anything in his path.  He’s like a Dyson Vacuum.  He can hear the slightest dropping of a bread crumb and he bolts to the scene.  Better yet, when we leave the house he instantly enters the kitchen in search of food.  He always manages to find that bag of leftover Goldfish or Animal Crackers.  He once ate a 1.5 lb loaf of chocolate peanut butter friendship bread.

3- He snores like and old man asleep on the sofa after a good Thanksgiving meal.  You know the kind.  You laugh it’s so loud.  Except Guinness does this at 3am.  Not so laughable.  He wakes himself up and moves 2 feet over and plops down, all 80 lbs of him.  THUD! So, at 3am its Snore, Thud, Snore, Thud, Snore, Thud, Snore…you get the idea.  All this until the alarm goes off.  Then he…

4- Flops, Flaps, Shakes his ears.  I don’t know what you call it, but its loud.  He does this then races to the door, wags his tail against the wall of my daughters bedroom and…THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  The wife huffs and puffs and rolls back over to try to fall back asleep after the daily morning commotion.  I push Guinness along and hold his tail so to not wake the sleeping child.  You don’t want to wake a child at 6am.  Its bad, really bad.

5-He stares at me in the morning to see if I am about to move.  If I do, he jumps up and thinks he’s about to get fed.  Every movement.  Pick up the remote…he jumps.  Sip some coffee, he jumps up.

6-He follows us everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Going to use the men’s room, he follows.  Gotta get the phone he follows.  Straighten up a picture on the wall, he follows.  Doing laundry is the best.  He plops down as you gather the dirty laundry.  Follows us to the washer and plops down.  Get the clothes out of the dryer and take them back to the room to fold, he follows and plops.  He could have just stayed, but NO.  He has to follow.

He has his quirks, no doubt about that.  I can live with them.  He’s a family member.  Dont we all have quirks.  In the back of my mind when he does these off the wall strange things, I just tell myself

It’s Just the Medicine!

We love our dogs and cat to the fullest.  Watching them grow old is the hardest part.  Guinness has been part of my life for 10 years, my wife for 6 and our daughters for nearly 4 years.  I dread the day that I have to say good bye.  So until then, Cheers to my best friend.

Here are a few videos of Guinness doing some tricks.  Nothing fancy and crazy, just two of his favorites.  I could do a video of his staircase farting episodes…

Video 1

Video 2

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3 Responses to Ole Man Guinness

  1. Ann Nemesh says:

    Awe … he’s great. Just saw the vids. Thanks. Guess we’ve got to focus on the time we have with them now.

  2. Ann Nemesh says:

    I just noticed your more recent post. I’m so very very sorry. 9 years ago our family lost Jet (looks quite a bit like Guinness). My parents got him when I was 15 and we were lucky to have him for 16 years. Now I’ve got my own black lab mix, he’s 2, but still Jet has probably crossed my mind every single day since he passed. Take care.

    • Thanks for reading. I was lucky enough to catch a few videos and photos while Guinness was still healthy. He is greatly missed by family and our friends. He was loved by many. Once again, thanks for reading. Enjoy your lab mix to the fullest!

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