Bring Your Kid to Work Day




Filling the Baskets


Recently my wife was kind enough to sacrifice her day to let me attend a Washington Redskins game with my mom and brother on a Sunday afternoon.  It is an all day affair. The drive is about 2.5 hours to FedEx Field and then nearly 3 hours to get back.  The game itself last up to 3 or more.  This one went into overtime.  I didn’t get home till super later.  I owed her BIG TIME!!!!

My thank-you to my wife…  I’ll take the kid to work with me on Monday so Sarah can study, study, study with no worries of having to entertain little Miss “H”.  She will just hang out inside the farm house with her Great Grandmom and Grandmom and play and what not.  NOPE.  She wanted to work.  At the ripe ole age of 3 she has learned that working brings money and money brings fairies and princess dolls.  She wanted to earn her buck!

For the day we were making Boston Fern hanging baskets.  Taking young plants and transplanting them into hanging baskets for next spring.  Her job, get the old empty hanging baskets and bring them to us so we can fill them half full of dirt.


Working Hard for Her Money


After bringing dozens of empty baskets “H” wanted to help fill them with dirt.  We had to fit her with the proper gloves and show her the technique.  She followed perfectly!  She stood next to the wheelbarrow and filled away.  Each little hand dumping a small clump of potting soil.  With such tiny little hands, it took a while.  Didn’t matter, we had all day to have fun at “Daddy’s Work”.


"H" filling the baskets.


After a long hour or so of working, things take a turn for the worst.  She finds the sand pile. Her work here is done.  Its time to play in the sand.  She sat there on that mound of sand like she was the queen of the dune!  Probably sitting up there thinking about which Disney Princess character she wanted to buy with her hard earned money.


Queen of the Dune


Shortly after these photos were taken, little miss H was stung by a yellow jacket on her wrist.

It stanged me Daddy

What did?

A little jacket!

A Yellow Jacket?

Yeah Daddy a little jacket just stunged me!!!

This is the first to my knowledge that H had ever been stung before.  Not once did she shed a tear.  She had the look of fear for a moment, but never did she cry.  I was so damn proud of her at that moment.  We went inside and got the stinger out and put some sorta sting gel stuff on it.  She was fine.  Thank goodness.  Those damn pesky Little Jackets!

To end the day, we went riding together on the John Deere Gator.  We stopped and took a quick photo together.  Perfect ending to a perfect day.


Me and the Kid


Now that she earned a wee bit of money from Pops I am sure we will be hitting up the local kids store for the latest Pixie Dust Fairy!

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  1. so awesome my man….reason #3,497 I’m jealous as hell of your jobby job!!

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