Cadbury Creme Egg

I like my fair share of sweets.  I love a chocolate cake like the next person in line.  I can go for a good Ice Cream Sundae on a cool summer night.  How about a nice slice of cheesecake.  Any flavor as long as its not drizzled with some sorta fruity syrup.  My all time favorite is a good ole fashioned Reeses Peanutbutter Cup.  But this time of year…

A few weeks back, my wife came home from the grocery store and had a small surprise for me.  She bought me some Cadbury Eggs.  I was so excited.  I had no idea they would be in stores so early in the year.  Who cares right?  I do.  I love these things.  You crack one open and that gooey orange yolk flows out of that hard chocolate shell.  You eat that first half and before you can finish you have subconsciously eaten the second half of the shell.  Oh but that flavor.  Its so rich and full of goodness.  It is a requirement to follow a Cadbury with a nice glass of milk.  Justice. Done.

Now on the other end of the story is that gross factor.  It starts with the TV commercials.  You have a white rabbit that clucks like a chicken and lays eggs.  Thats just strange.  Then the looks.  I agree, it looks nasty.  Like some sorta FDA black labeled egg.  DO NOT INGEST!  IF INGESTED, CALL YOUR DOCTOR!  “Who would eat one of those things, its got yolk in it?”

I posted a photo of a Cadbury Egg on Facebook and it sparked a few comments.  With that, I had a brief conversation with an old college bud who is grossed out about the infamous candy egg.  I posed the following question.

“Would you eat it if it were shaped like a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup?”

His response.

“You are right. Anything even resembling a reese cup has to be delicious.”

Whats your favorite Holiday Candy?  Candy Cane, Little Debbie Christmas Trees, Peeps, Candy Corn…Leave a comment and tell me your story.

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2 Responses to Cadbury Creme Egg

  1. My favorite holiday “candy” is fruit cake. I love the way it feels like your holding an elephant in your hand. And the first smell you get of those delicious nuggest of dried fruit mixed with concrete batter…mmmmm. Then, you place it in your mouth and it simply sucks all the moisture and desire to live from your pallet. And as you choke it down you have to manage from choking whilst giving a fake smile and delightful thumbs-up to the douche who gifted you this store-bought devil food.

    So yeah, fruit cake is my favorite holiday “candy.”

    • I think this was the first year my dad didnt get a fruit cake. I remember as a child going on hunting trips with him and he would snack on those in the woods. That and hard boiled eggs. To each their own. I bet a fruit cake could make it thru a nuclear bomb like a cockroach.

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