What Did You Just Say?

She is so innocent!

There is a time in every parents life where your child will make you laugh and cry.  Then there are those times where your child will make you say…

“What did you just say?”

It was an ordinary evening.  I had just walked in the door with two pizzas and the kid.  We had just finished up ballet lessons and swung by the local grocer to grab some grub on our way home.  We get settled in and our Llewellin Setter is wildly excited to see us.

The kid is playing with the Setter and doing a fine job of keeping the both of them occupied.  I’m messing away in the kitchen, working my manly ass off pre-heating the oven.  Cooking a pizza is tough these days.  Pizza stone or just the middle oven rack? Add some feta or not to add some feta.  Move half the pepperoni to one side and have a half and half pizza.  The directions say 12-15 minutes, but I think it needs 2 more????  Where is my apron, this is gonna be tough. (I have a Washington Redskins apron, its manly so hush it!)

“Damn it!!!”

Hey, what did you just say kiddo?

“I said Damn it”

What letter does that word start with honey buns?  Me asking, just in case she said Bam it, Cam it, Fam it, Gam it, Ham it, Jam it…you get the point there.

“I can’t remember daddy what it starts with?”

Ok, so where does a child learn to talk like that?  She was simply playing with the dog and damn it, she said it…Oh wait, I just said damn it.  Damn it, I gotta stop that.  I asked her where she heard it and she shyly turns away and says she can’t remember.  After a long interrogation, we conclude without enough evidence that she heard it on the television.

I am pretty confident that she may have heard it from me.  It slips out every now and then.  Probably picking up after the dog.  She loves to throw her toys around the house.  Or when I track mud in from one of my trail runs.  I forget to take my shoes off when I get home from those.  Damn it I gotta remember to not forget so much.  Sometimes I might say it when…I guess she got it from me.  Oh well.  If that’s the only mistake as a father that I feel that I have made, then DAMN IT, I’m a good Dad!

So after a little heart to heart talk, the kid now knows that this is not an ordinary word.  It should not be used by a kid.  She knows that she may get in trouble and sit in time out if used again.  But hey, if she bumps her head on the kitchen table and blurts out Damn it, I just might laugh a little… just a little.

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2 Responses to What Did You Just Say?

  1. Tonni says:

    David you never fail to amuse, entertain or inform!

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