Our New Wheels

2009 Silver Prius

It’s hard to ignore the ever so creeping gas prices.  One day they are $3.29 per gallon, the next, $3.49 per gallon.  Thats really no joke.  One evening on my way home from work, I stopped to fill up.  I paid at the pump and went on my way.  The next morning, passing by the same gas station, I glanced over, choked, wiped my eyes and swallowed the fact that gas had gone up .20 cents per gallon over night!  Something had to be done!

The rest of my commute all I could think about was a Toyota Prius.  The not so pretty looking car that gets insane gas mileage.  Everyone knows them.  I want one.  It’s a way to stick it to the system!  Later that same day, the wife calls and says the van is acting up and thinks we should consider trading in the 2 ton beast!  I’m game.

Well, with a little research and some luck, we found the silver beauty we were looking for.  So, somewhere in our wedding vows, it must have stated that we own strictly silver vehicles.  It had to be SILVER!  After two days and 6 hours of talking, driving and negotiating, we came away with the car we wanted and the price we wanted.  It was perfect.  The only thing left to do was to save on gas.  And let the fun begin…

The wife and I have started a friendly competition of who can get the best gas mileage per commute.  I get to work and take a picture of the MPG reading and then I do the same when I get home.  She hops in the car and drives off to nursing school and she does the same photo taunting.  It’s a fun competition and it actually forces us to try to save, save and save!

Day one of driving, I thought I was tough stuff.  I posted a whopping 43.3 MPG

My first MPG reading

The wife then took off for school, worked with a bunch of new-born babies (oh crap) comes home and showed me this photo.

The wifes 1st MPG Reading

So naturally, me being destroyed by my wife on this MPG challenge, I set forth to 1 up her.

My MPG when I get to work in the A.M.

My MPG on my return home from work

So my super competitive wife sets off to nursing school once again.  As I am sitting enjoy some family time with my daughter, I receive the following photo via text message.  The only thing in the text was….     😉 thats it a freaking 😉 Oh no she didn’t!!!!

Her 2nd Reading

I am not one to enjoy losing at any type of event or challenge, but this one, I can take a loss.  A loss means two positive things.  (1) the wife got better gas mileage than I did and thus saved us a few bucks. (2) I will beat her MPG thus saving us more money.  It’s a win-win for this family.

So dear Mr. or Mrs Gasoline Price Increaser…KISS IT!  The Prius will end up nearly paying for its self in gas money.  It’s a huge investment for us and we are proud to drive it.  If you have an opportunity, give one of these a test drive.  You might come away clicking away on a calculator figuring how much you would save!  We potentially can save $95 a month in gas, and that was figured when gas was $3.29 a gallon.

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4 Responses to Our New Wheels

  1. Mike in VA says:

    nice work guys!

  2. Marianne says:

    I think it’s great you two are having this little competition and I’m impressed with the numbers you’re both getting.

  3. Lynn Reese says:

    What a great competition! What do you think is your number 1 gas saving tip?

    • The number one tip is to buy a hybrid. For me, as soon as I see the stop light turn from green to yellow, I let off the gas and just coast to the light no matter the distance. That helps tremendously. Another good tip is to make sure your tires have the proper pressure.

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