Top 10 Things our Setter Learned in Her First Year

Recently our Llewellin Setter celebrated her first birthday.  Well, we call gnawing on a chew bone all day a birthday celebration.  How could we ever forget, she chewed that thing to shreds all day long.  Within a few days we had to throw it away.  Oh well.  So with that said, I figured I would go over with you lovely people a list of the finer things that Willow has learned in her first year of life.

10- The puppy chooses the person.

We went looking at Setter puppies and I had my eye set on one, but Willow kept coming back and being playful.  We should have looked at that trait and…it was love at first sight.

9- Throwing up in the middle of the night really makes for happy owners.

The first few nights, even weeks, Willow kept throwing up.  Night after night after night.  Finally one night, she throws up and I hear.  “David, quick look at this”- End of story.

8-Snow makes her crazy.

When it would snow and we had to let the dogs out, Willow would just run freakishly around the back yard.  I have never seen an animal with such agility.  Isnt there an agility competition for dogs…can I win money? Video Link

7- She can stalk a cat

She follows that cat around the house 24-7.  If Zoe enters the room, Willow will creep around and point her just like any good bird dog would do.   She always has the look after pointing the cat as if saying “Hey owners, don’t you see this creepy cat thingy in the room, look, right here.  DO SOMETHING!”

6-No Leash, No Limit

That dog gets off leash for a moment, she’s gone.  The number one killer of Setters is a car.  They run without cause and just wreak havoc on the lawn.

5- The human bed is so cozy.

She, for some reason has to sleep in our bed for the first 15 minutes of the night.  After that, we can put her down and she walks straight to her bed.  If we put her in her bed first, she ends up jumping in ours and waits it out.  I don’t know, strange, but it works for her.

4-Poop Eater!!!!

Yup, she eats poop all right.  Well, not so much as she used to I guess.  When she was a puppy, she would eat the daylights out of some poop.  Found out later, it’s a common characteristic of the breed.  I would call it more of a flaw than a characteristic, but what do I know about dog breeds.

3-Thunder Storm are scary.

Ugh, not again.  Guinness, our late chocolate lab was so terrified of storm he would pee everywhere.  He would shake and tremble and just be plain crazy.  Well, Willow isn’t much different other than she doesn’t pee everywhere…yet.

2-She loves to go for runs.

I take Willow to the park to go on trails runs with me.  She never seems to tire.  As a matter of fact when we are done running, she typically yawns then stretches as if saying “Good warm up Pops, now let’s go for a run”  That’s typical behavior after a 4 mile run.

The NUMBER ONE Thing Willow has learned

She can “bird” a fly.

Yup, Llewellin Setters are known for their superior birding abilities.  They are the top dog when it comes to Pheasant hunting.  But this dog, she can spot and point a good ole fashion house fly.  To me, that’s just an amazing feat.  Check out these videos, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

NOTE: Please ignore the mess, we were in the process of packing up for a donation to Goodwill.

Click Pic to Play Video

Click Pic to Play Video

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