Innocence Stolen

Just an ordinary evening at the house.  Me and the kid downstairs chillin, while the wife is upstairs in the bedroom with her nose in her medical books.  She says she is studying.  Me, I think she is on Pinterest finding new cauliflower recipes or how to make a dress from an old pair of Jams shorts.

The kid is running around playing with her new remote control Lalaloopsy car.  She bought it with her own money.  Dont judge.  Finally the car quiets and she is running thru the house with a small stick like toy in her hand.  It appears to be the drill bit of her toy construction stuff.  She proceeds to place the bit between her index and middle finger.  She slowly raises it to her lips, inhales and then scurries out the room.

“Whoa whoa kiddo, what was that?”

“What was what daddy?”

“Whats in your hand?”

“Its my smoker”

“Hey, come here for a second, and bring me that smoker”

It is at this moment I realize my little daughter has lost something.  It was bound to happen, but her innocence is gone just for a moment.  She has no idea what she did was wrong, she was just being creative just as we have always taught her.  Make something up, be crafty, draw, dance…but make a “smoker”?

I have a brief chat with her about never doing that again.  How dangerous a smoker can be.  Later my wife, fresh from “studying”  comes down to join us for a bit.  I sit H down with us at the table and proceed to explain what happened.

My wife and I go into detail about cigarettes and how they cause lung cancer.  We explain that just because you see it on TV or out in public doesnt mean you should pretend it.  No punishment was handed down, just a good ole fashion sit down.  We think she got the point.  I am sure that we will never see a “smoker” in her hands again.

I dread whats next…the birds and the bees?  I hope not.  When that time arrives, I’m sure to busy brewing beer, or in dire need of a trail run.  I’ll leave that up to the wife to discuss.  Of course, she’ll be too busy “studying”

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