The Prius Game

I don’t recall exactly how it happened.  We must have been traveling along in electric mode with a rare silence in the car.  Then, somehow “it” began.  “It” being a new hybrid style Punch Bug game.  We all played it as kids.  You see a Bug, you punch and scream the color.  This one had no punching, just bragging rights.  You see a Prius on the road, you call out the color.  But, here is how it is played…by our 5 year old.

Blue one, see it! One point for me! -H

Red one, over there!  Two points for me.  How many points do you have Daddy?  Zero?-H

Silver one, one point for me. -Sarah

Ooooh, Mommy and I are on a team, Daddy.  We have 3 points.  How many do you have?-H

Black one, 4 points for us- Sarah

Red one, Silver one, Black one, Blue one, Black one…5 points for me!  David

Oooh, Daddy and I are on a team, Mommy.  We have 7 points.  Mommy you have only 2.

So, do you see how those rules change in her favor?  It happens all the time.  Most times the games starts before you are even aware.  She will scream, Red Prius and then explain that we are now playing the game and she is winning 1-0.  Sometimes a Silver Prius is worth 2 points instead of one.  If you score too many points, it will cause you to go all the way back to zero, thus making her the new winner.  Forget pumping gas.  When you return to the car, she will have a long list of Prius she saw.  Red ones, Black one, Silver ones…

With all those rule changes, my favorite occurs when it is just the two of us playing.  If she scores the first few point, she will put me on her team just so…ready for this…

“I wont have to laugh at you for not having any points.”- Little Miss H

Seriously, when did this kid develop these competitive tactics?  The silver lining in all this.  It is a great family game and it seriously helps with her math skills.  The kid is subtracting points from me all day long!

Silver one!!!!!

Now go out and play the Prius game.  I bet you will see one on your next commute.

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One Response to The Prius Game

  1. Emily says:

    I now play this game by myself on my way to work becaus of her!

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