She is Just Like Her Daddy…Sometimes

Recently, my wife started working the day shift at the hospital.  She gets up at 5am and is home around 8ish.  By that time our 5 year old daughter is long asleep for the night.  Sometimes not even a chance for them to see each other.  During the day, the kid comes to work with me on the farm.  We spend a lot of time together before, during and after work.  This mornings commute sparked a thought- Shes growing up just like me.

As we were backing out the driveway H proclaims that she doesn’t want to hear talk radio, but a CD instead.  I grab the CD case and find one not labeled.  I place it in the CD player and a melody begins to play.  One I haven’t heard in a long long time.  It was the beginnings of the Cornell University Dead show from 1977.  For several minutes, my daughter had this grin on her face, soaking in the tunes.

“Dad, this is some great music.  How did you know I liked the Grateful Dead”

Ah, she is growing up just like her Daddy.  This is when I had a long mental list of things she does or likes that mimic me.

-Her favorite meal is breakfast for dinner.  Im not talking cereal and a banana.  Im talking biscuits, eggs and bacon kinda meal.

-She love a good BLT.  Or as she would say a BLTC-  That one has Cheese.

-When I get ready to go for a run, she sometimes ask to go with me.  Sweet little 5 year old wants to run with her dad.  When we are at the park hiking, she always wants to run.  Never winded at the end either.  She wants to run, but I have to hold her back.  Too early for that one.

-She gave me Optimus Prime for my 35th birthday.  She didn’t want me to be left out since she had all the Transformers.

-For Fathers Day, she took me fishing.  She can cast and reel in the fish all on her own.

-We recently traded in our old car for a Tacoma.  One would think that a 5 year old girl would care less for a truck.  Boy were we wrong.  She had perma grin just like her dad.

-She builds her own beer brewing devices out of Legos, Lincoln Logs and anything else she can dig out of the recycling bin.   She even helps out with the hops and harvesting and drying them.

I have, by association, created a mini me.  However, she does all these Daddy things while wearing dresses, sandals, skirts, pink tank tops and purple hair bows.  She does these Daddy things while toting around Barbie Dolls, Lala Loopsies, My Little Ponies, Tinker Bells and whatever new girlie toy she might find laying around the house.
Of course, the days she is with her momma, she is a spitting image of her.
They do all kinds of fun girlie things together.  They shop, go shopping, visit some shops, stop by to shop, go to Goodwill, visit Goodwill, find thingamabobs at Goodwill and they even shop at Goodwill.  You know, the fun girlie things in life.  I may have exaggerated a wee bit there.  They have fun together with crafts, cooking, baking and getting their nails did (mom, that poor English was for you) Of course momma is always there to heal the wounds and kiss the booboos.

Now, time to go enjoy my BLT for dinner and watch some Transformers.  Don’t forget, your kids are watching your every move.  So behave!

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4 Responses to She is Just Like Her Daddy…Sometimes

  1. Tonni Wells says:

    As always David…this brought the biggest smile to me…warmed my heart to no end!

  2. Lee says:

    David you are the perfect Dad. Larry and I are laughing at your post while admiring the love and devotion you have for your precious family. This is a super blog!
    BTW here in Chapel Hill Merritt’s Store and Grill has the world (and I’m not kidding) famous sour dough double BLT which will knock your socks off. Next time you are here we have to go.

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