The Pets

In order according to age

Guinness 10- Chocolate Lab.  He is a wack-o when it comes to thunderstorms and eating.  He will tear a house down during a storm when no one is home.  He is always in a panic when it comes time for food.  Guinness was recently diagnosed with stage 3 mast cell cancer.  The vets give him around 2 months to a year.  Its been 2 months!!!!  Go Guinness!  He is currently on meds to help the cells stay small.  The side effect, he will panic when eating and drinking…oh such joy!

Zoe- cat-age unknown  Shes a wack-o when it comes to food as well.  We have a timed feeder for her.  Food drops, she bolts to munch it down.  Eventually, it will be regurgitated usually around 3am outside our bedroom door.  Oh such joy!


Riley- shiz tsu- 6?- He has OCD and has his routine and you don’t mess with it.  He spins and spins and spins for minutes at a time before doing his doody.  He is a loving dog with some stank breath.  He loves to get all up in your face.  Oh such joy!

Our pets are all loving creatures in their own way.  They all get along and keep us company.  Each one makes us laugh in it own special way.  They all  mean the world to us and are a very special part of our family.  Oh such joy!!!!

Guinness passed away October 4th from cancer.  He currently rest under a Weeping Willow Tree on the family farm.  He is miss tremendously and lived true to the saying “A Man’s Best Friend”.


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