Running and Racing

I love running but even more I love to race.  In highschool I ran the mile in 4:29 the 2-mile in 10:03 and a 5k in 16:02.   I went to college to run.  I went in with the understanding that I was the only freshman to get a scholarship.  Turns out, I didn’t get one and some other slow-mo got it.  So I quit.  13 years later (November 4th 2007) an unsuspecting friend convinced me to run a race.  I started training about a month in advance.  I show up and sucked!  I did the 10k in 47:24. So I trained harder.  A few years later I am running faster and stronger.  My mile time is around 5:35, 5k is just at a sub 18 and I’ve done a 10k at 37:32 finishing 92 out of 25,000.  In June of 2009 I entered my first trail race 10k.  I won it setting a course record at 44:41.


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